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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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almost every hotel in this city for 4 of those 7 years. in 2011 when we settled, that started to set a different pattern. the hilton showed leadership at that time and we are still dealing with the contract from the 2007 settlement. this will start us on the next phase. >> i thought it seemed familiar. >> the workers packet, where it goes [inaudible] >> we have several unions that that's the way it works at this point. it's not unique to say.
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it's something different that we've done . i think over the last years with our contract between the hotels and here in the city but other unions that work in this building and in the city, that's a pretty common practice. in our union, we have not used it very often. we've only used it with a handful of employers in san francisco. but, kind of industry wide city agreements we have not done this except maybe if you go back 15-20 years ago there might have been handful. the reason that it's so critical right now is because of the uncertain nature of what's going to happen with health care. with the affordable care act coming in next year and the exchanges which will provide that health care for millions of californians who don't have health care right now, it's
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expected that the health care industry is going to be changing quite a bit and we are not sure exactly, it's very impossible to predict what that's going to do. if you poll our members, the number 1 issue is health care for our members and retirees. that is the no. 1 issue in our considerations in our discussions over the course of each year and our members will make those determinations as to what the priorities are and whether or not more money should be allocated to health care or wages or pension or health care, wages come first. that's going to be their decision. >> can you talk about the
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success or ship language? >> yes. what it does is two things. it improves our security when a hotel transfers with relation to subcontracting. new owners can't come in and subcontract which we've got problems with other cities outside of california. although increasingly it's happening in california too. the hyatt corporation is a champion of this. they contract subworkers. they through in boston a hundred workers out on the street and replaced them with temporary workers at minimum wage. this is a problem we sometimes see some hotel companies doing when a company changes hands. so a, it protects us against an event of a sale and strengthens the
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language with regard to bankruptcy. it suspends the no contract law. if we need to fight a company or hotel and strike in the middle of the contract to protect our jobs, we have the ability to do that. the no strikes clause notwithstanding. >> okay. if there are no other questions, i would like to thank everyone for coming today. we look forward to the next five years, mike. [ applause ] >
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>> good morning everyone. we would like to thank you to our station. our members moved into in station and became operational march 19th. we thank you for being here today. it could not have been done without the help of many people. i want to welcome you
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all to this station. it's a beautiful firehouse, a new firehouse. i was 6 years old in 1st grade on moscow street. we are delighted to be here. it's also a creative and unique collaborative effort. something we have never done before. it a partnership all the way. we want to thank and acknowledge the museum of modern art. we talked about the concept of the museum of modern art which if you have not been to, it's a wonderful place to visit. their needs and desires to expand for educational programs and for more of their collection. the property at 676 howard, we identified it was a place not seismic ready for our members.
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it's as fire safety it's of paramount importance. when they talked to us about the ideas, they came together and decided to change properties. it's a total win win situation. we are combraet -- grateful for the efforts of the museum of modern art. we want to say thank you very much and would like to acknowledge mr. charles swab, thank you, sir. board president, mr. bob fisher, dennis wong and michael are here with us today. and a man that worked hard long hours with us and that is neale, the director of the museum of modern art. thank you so much.
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so we talked about this unique partnership. it became a real thing in 2010. lots of meetings and discussion, last year march 2012, we had ground broken on this station and # 12 months later we are here to celebrate the official opening. i'm going to mention other people, but without further a do i'm going to mention the first person i'm proud to work for is an innovative thinker who said yes, let's try this and that for better efficiency and safety. i can't thank this man who has been in several aspect of city government. he understand the types of collaborative efforts necessary to conclude and project like this. now it gives me great pleasure to introduce our great
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mayor, mayor edwin lee. >> thank you, chief. i want to thank former mayor gave some for having reached this incredible agreement with museum of modern art. i just thought it was such a win win for everybody. not easy by any stretch of the imagination because it takes a lot of resources even when we talk in terms of gifts, but let me first of all start with saying thank you chief white to you and to the whole fire department's administration to local firefighters union as well for being an incredible part of our city. your mission has always been about saving lives. we see it everyday and sometimes when there are events we can't control happen but you
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are there without regard in many cases for the things that are occurring, but just there to save lives. i think this gift if anything reflects the value that we place on our fire department. so thank you for your incredible sacrifice all the time. we recognize, i know that mr. swab and the entire museum recognize that this gift does reflect that sentiment because not only are you getting a replacement of a fire station, you are getting a more modern fire station. it is state of the art. it has equipment we have not seen in a long time and i like to idea that it has a generator that in case that big one hits you have three days there to really help us recover quickly. you have a number of other things, i was going to make a joke about mr. swab and i maybe testing each
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other on the pole, but i think you are going to beat me because you are in better shape than i am. but, again it's just a testament that we do value our fire department and leadership and all the men and with i am -- women that serve it and this gift is another reflection of that. having said that, i want to pay attribute that this would not have happened but for the incredible expansion that the museum is doing and that expansion comes with another recognition of the fisher family and their incredible collection of art which this city really still needs to talk about it's deserving of it. i know that the effort that is being made by mr. swab and all the trustees that have made that expansion, it is a serious amount of money to do that. yes
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they did have to have that expansion. we got that gift out here and the tune of $12 million for the station for the land and design and construction by the fund raising efforts that have gone on. but part of that is lose the make way for a really wonderful collection that for generations years and years to come will appreciate it. i must say that mr. swab has entered into this effort knowing that it was going to take a lot of resources to do. at a time when there are so many other competing interest to be able to talk to people about the collection, about what it means and then about the fire station in addition to that and the public private partnership, i want to again, thank mr. swab for your leadership in doing so
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and also benny, i know he's a personal friend of yours, i wish i knew mr. fisher better as well but we are going to enjoy this wonderful collection and so thank you for the modern art and bob for all your leadership for doing this. this would not have happened without that occurring. it is a win win for the city. this station, supervisor kim has just arrived. i want to please welcome her up. we have been doing a lot of openings in your district, supervisor. we just did another one at the entrance transbay center. it's a gold standard, lead gold, i want to thank webcor for their leadership in getting this built and making a smooth transition. i want to thank the
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fire fighters because it's really the home of the alley cats and they are proud of it and they are proud of the family that they have built here because this is one of the busiest fire stations, firehouse 1, will get those calls, you know that. in fact don't be surprised if a call is made even during a time we are here because there is so much activity going on. but we know they are in a safer place a better performing aspect place, more modern and they will get the level of safety the city defrsz -- deserves. we have to prepare for those unknown but predictable accidents natural and otherwise that will occur in the city of san francisco. i want to thank the chiefs, the city administrator, victor, your work here as well, our real estate department, as well, thank you, john for being here. all the city family, our
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city engineer, figuring out things for being here as well. investing in our infrastructure, investing in our fire stations has been a main stay of my administration, working with a capital planning group. we want to ensure that our infrastructure always reflect the highest level we need and situating this station here is will is an incredible gift to district 6. i want to thank all the entities for getting together and making this happen and but for a very special circumstances this might have not occurred and we would be incurring another obligation $6. i want to thank all the entities for getting together and making this happen and but for a very special circumstances this might have not occurred and we would be incurring another obligation of 9-and-a-half million from our general fund. this is a gift that is going to keep giving. i want to recognize things that happen in this city we are a
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very incredible lucky city for all the things that happen to us. this is one of the moments that recognize all of these special elements that come together modernization, this brand new station, and the firemen and women who will be here and take care of this city as you always have. thank you for making this happen. appreciate it. [ applause ] >> thank you, mr. mayor for your leadership and unwavering support. the next speaker has also been very supportive. our district supervisor, jane kim. [ applause ] >> the mayor said it but i think we have a ribbon cutting almost twice a day now in
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district 6. this is an exciting one. the first constructed fire station in san francisco since 1950. it's pretty amazing considering when the fact that the mayor brought up is the busiest station in san francisco. in my time at the distribution, unfortunately i got to know a lot about the fire department. we have had 13 working fires, several which were very significant and displaced or injured our residents. i learned how hard the fire department works, how important their speedy response is in terms of saving lives and of course our possessions but also how they build relationships with their constituents at a time of intense loss, anxiety and fear and they do it with a great deal of compassion and dignity. i think that's the most important aspect of the work they do on behalf of our city.
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it's truly incredible to have a department to be able to get that type of feedback from our constituents. it's great to welcome our fire department to district 6. yes, it's a block away from my house. i forgot to leave the key to my apartment with my neighbor so i had to run and do that before i came here. they have been working to help facilitate with the fire department and the modern museum of art. it wasn't long ago when our city first started to develop plans to develop yerba buena -- that's going to
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be an exciting development. this was a great outcome of that. six years ago we opened a large scale park along with the first constructed public school. as we connect this corridor, folsom street is going to be a great street, 500 units and they will be good neighbors to the fire department here. so i look forward to the critical role in -- that the fire department is going to display which includes the tenderloin and 6 district
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area. in 2000 alone fire fighters left that station 924 times. we are really fortunate to have a chief that is well regarded both for her ability to lead a well respected institution and for her integrity and honesty. oven -- often when we have difficult decisions to make, we can trust her. i want to thank the staff and fire department. because they save lives and compassion they are able to show our residents goes a long way. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you supervisor kim. for those of you that don't know the san francisco fire
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department has a 5 member fire commission. before calling the next speaker i want to announce the former london breed. you had a lot to do with us getting here and now commissioner of the retirement system, victor make residueers -- he spent countless hours with us. without your counseling and guidance, we wouldn't be here today. fire commissioner andre evans. thank you very much. it's wonderful to see such say big crowd here today to celebrate the opening of this new station as people have said before has been way too long to be honest since there has been a new fire station in the city. on behalf
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of the fire commission, i want to say we are incredibly proud to be here and incredibly excited and think it's appropriate that the men and women who give so much to the city that they are given state of the art facility. i'm so glad that this wonderful fire station is opening. i don't think it's everyday that -- it's not everyday that a private institution comes forward and says let's do something great for the city. i want to thank all the members who put in so much time and effort into making this fire station what it is. i think the results speak fore itself. it's first class and i think it's going to serve the community for a long time to come. so thank you very much.
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>> thank you, commissioner evans. before we call up our next speaker, i want to acknowledge our members of station 1. i appreciate your flexibility, i hope you are happy with your new firehouse. it's obviously much brighter and modern and space seismically facility. in the firehouse where you work, it's more than a workplace but a second home. i am committed in this neighborhood to be good neighbors, we are joined by some neighbors and we have received a little constructive criticism that why are you having the ribbon cutting in the middle of the week when we are working. if you pass along to your neighbors that couldn't be here, we will have an open house later in the evening you
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can be here. that's why we move senior captain in station one. i would like to invite captain to come up and say a few words. >> welcome and thank you for attending. station one is one of the biggest stations in the nation. running over 17,000 calls a year. on behalf of the station one, i would like to thank each one of you for your support in this project. we truly appreciate coming to work in an environment that is sporting our good health and safety. so ultimately we can support yours. we consider this community our community, our home away from home. i would like to assure you that we remain committed to continuing our primary mission. that is to protect the lives and property of the people we serve. thank you very much.
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>> and so you can find out a little bit more about this facility. i would now like to call up the principal architect responsible for this facility. bill letty. with stacy architect. >> thank you, chief. you know, a little known fact is that every architect wants to design a firehouse. not just because many of us wanted to be fire fighters at some point in our lives, it's because these are really iconic hybrid buildings that we feel -- embody a building that express dignity and security for our
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community. these are important facilities for our community. when we are working on this project in the office we often joke that firehouse no. 1 is like a block on steroids with really big machines in the garage. it's been a great experience for myself an my team to work on this project. of course, the board and staff of s f museum -- and bob, joy, and dave. the san francisco department of public works has been a true collaborator on this project and i would like to thank charles and gabriela.
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our team, of course webcor builders who made sure things happened and lineey oaks and lou, thanks, guys. and last but not least everyone at the san francisco fire department. we've government -- gone through a whole variety and great to assist a deputy chief who was an awesome partner during the early phase of this project and talking to the neighbors and trying to make sure the way it was paved for this project to really happen and of course deputy chief, kim lombardy to make sure we had all the details. i would like to point out to you that
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haven't noticed yet, there is a plaque to the right of the building that honors the fire fighters that have sacrificed their lives to the city for years. i would like to say with sincere hope today that they will serve for at least another hundred years. thanks very much. [ applause ] >> thank you. mr. letty. next i would like to introduce from webcor builders it's project director who spent a lot of time working with us on this project and that is mr. spencer reiner. thank you, chief. i would first like to congratulate and welcome the fire department to their new station. it's a wonderful neighborhood, hopefully we don't have to build another station for
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another 40 years. this was a great project for all of us to be involved with. it was definitely a team effort. bill letty, stacy, captain, kim lombardy and of course the other individuals at the fire department, charles at dpw, with that i would like to congratulate you with your new home and the best of luck. thank you. [ applause ] >> so we are pretty close, we are 3 minutes away from noon. without too much further delay, i do want to acknowledge a few more people, our city administrator, naomi kelly. [ applause ] as i would like to call it my partner in public safety, sir, thank you for being here. city